There are many factors I take into thoughtful consideration when designing a website. The site should not only be attractive, it should be functional and easy to navigate. It should be an honest and thorough representation of the services or products offered, yet not be overwhelming to the individual viewing it. And of course, it's vitally important that your intended audience be able to find you on the web. I optimize the wording and code in the web sites I design to enable search engines to easily find my clients according to carefully chosen key words and phrases.

Website design or redesign

Whether you're starting from scratch, need a redesign, or your website is not getting the results you would like, Lightshine Design would be happy to assist. My focus is on creating sites that are visually compelling, fully compatible across different browsers and easy to navigate. Maintaining a uniform site structure, layout and "look and feel" is vital to giving your audience the ability to find information on your site, and want to stay on your site. If your website is confusing or difficult to navigate, your visitors may leave. The use of graphics, illustrations, and photographs are used judiciously to enhance the beauty of the site, while not diminishing the message to be conveyed or usability.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Submitting your website to search engines is only the beginning to your site being found on the web. Your site needs to be search-engine friendly. Techniques I use to improve ranking include skillfully selected keywords, strategic web content, optimization of a site's title and heading tags, sitemaps, and research regarding competing sites' visibility on the web.

Securing domain name(s) and hosting services

Lightshine Design is dedicated to making the process of creating and launching your website as easy and time-efficient for you as possible. I pride myself on being very user-friendly. If a client is interested, I'm happy to explain how the entire process of securing and domain and hosting service works, then (of course) do it for you! My commitment to my clients doesn’t end after the website is published.  I maintain careful watch over the account to ensure domains and/or hosting plans are never in danger of expiring.

Website Maintenance / Content Management

Keeping your website current and fresh is worthy of consideration, and encouraged! There are several options offered by Lightshine Design, depending on the amount, type, and frequency of updates desired. If updates to the site will be frequent, a monthly billing plan can be arranged. If changes are minimal and/or infrequent, an hourly plan would likely be the best choice.

If the site is built on the WordPress platform and the client would like to maintain their site themselves I offer training in WordPress site maintenance on an affordable hourly basis.

Graphic Design for Print and Web

When I began the career path of web design, I quickly realized the importance of complementary graphic design to enhance and promote the targeted objective of my clients, whether on the web or in print. I love the creative process of establishing an identity through the use of color, typography, and a variety of other graphic elements.

Logo design or redesign

A logo is not just a mark, it has an important job. It reflects your identity. Your logo describes who you are and what you do, often without using words. Designing a logo involves thought and creativity, and many elements combine to yield a good one. As a designer, it's my job to create a logo that accomplishes this mission - simply and elegantly.

Business Cards and Corporate Stationery

Like your logo, your business card must pack a lot of punch into a small package. It should be clean and concise and match the tone of your marketplace, while conveying your identity appropriately. The design should be appealing, targeted and informative, and the print stock should look and feel professional. My focus as the designer is to incorporate these considerations and more when designing business cards and corporate stationery. I also work with the printing company to help facilitate the highest quality finished product.

Promotional Materials

If you are looking to promote your business or personal endeavor, Lightshine Design is ready willing and able to help you achieve your goals via a broad range of print-based graphic layouts.  My primary mission is to make sure your company will stand out by way of promotional materials that are eye-catching, professional looking and appealing to the senses, all geared toward the objective of attracting prospective customers.