Phase 1 — Initial contact and information gathering

If you're interested in discovering what Lightshine Design can do to promote your business or personal endeavor, please visit the contact form or you can send me an email by and from then we can talk by phone if you like and we’ll begin the information gathering process.  At this stage we’ll discuss particulars such as your immediate and long-term goals, your budget and time frame; which items you already have in place that can be incorporated into the website (photographs, brochures, text, etc.); and the visual look and feel you wish to convey to your prospective audience. 

Phase 2 - Preliminary design concept, Site architecture, Proposal

Based on the information we gather during Phase I, I will propose recommended architecture for the site (pages and rough content to be included on each page), preliminary design concept, and my estimated fee and time frame to complete the work.

Phase 3 – Research and development

Once we have reached agreement on the items in Phase 2, I require a 30% deposit to continue the work.  Following receipt of the deposit, I will begin research regarding your competition, design trends in your field, and demographics of the market or audience you are targeting.  This is information used to further establish layouts, font styles, color schemes, illustrations and photography, and keyword selection to enhance search engine optimization.

Phase 4 – Design development

At this stage I begin transforming the design mock-up into a functional website.  I will engage you in the design process along the way to make sure we’re on the same track and will make edits and changes as necessary to ensure your satisfaction.

Phase 5 – Completion

Once I’ve polished all the edges and received your approval, I will formally launch the website, submit it to the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) and send you an invoice for the remainder of my fee.