My experience with Lisa was totally positive. Beautifully done work! A true work of art! She took the time to get every detail to my satisfaction. I couldn't be more pleased with the results!
Bonnie Dee, Owner ~ Bonnie Dee Garden Design

This company is the best when it comes to creating or designing a website. The owner is a courteous and patient person who will answer your email IMMEDIATELY. A talented and very creative person. And she can navigate the confusing world of website management. I highly recommend lightshine design. She is just great!
Marie-Catherine Bearden, Founder/President ~ l’Académie de l’ étiquette

When I began to think about creating a website for our non-profit organization, I must admit the task of choosing someone to interpret our words and create a visual presentation seemed daunting and intimidating. I hoped to find someone who knew how to listen, really listen to our vision. Someone who could take our clumsy words, interpret them and conceptualize our mission with precision. Someone who possessed the talents of a true artist so she could transform the words into a visually exciting expression of beauty. Someone who possessed the patience needed to allow the flow of the collaboration to manifest. And someone who is genuinely kind, caring and encouraging. I found that someone in Lisa. She made this experience a delightful effort and we are thrilled with the stunning results.
Jinna Russell, Founder/Director ~ Project: THRIVE!

Working with Lisa to create my website was a dream. She really took the extra time to get to know me, my business and my vision, and that extra attention shows in her work! Not only is my site beautiful to look at, it is also very functional and easy to use! It has made my job/work so much easier! I can't say enough how much I have enjoyed working with Lisa and Lightshine Design! It has been a joy!!
Kelly Russell, Owner / Instructor at Integrated Rhythms Dance Studio

Being a musician and someone who loves all things artistic, having my website designed by Lightshine Design is a perfect fit! I believe it most important to have a web site that is not only beautiful visually, but that captures the life of an artist, not only the music but the persona. Lightshine does that and so much more! I have had so many compliments on the site. People are always impressed by the videos, photos and lots of music, put together with an artistic eye. Lightshine Design is one of those 'homegrown from the heart' places we all search to find! It is my good fortune to have found such a diamond! Thanks Lightshine Design.
Michael Cross - beloved Austin songwriter and musician

What I liked best about working with Lisa is how she took my barely there ideas and helped put them into words and structure. Creating a website can be daunting for those of us that are of the dinosaur generation - she made it an easier and even pleasant experience! Thank you!
Kate Wodash Catlow - Certified Pilates Trainer and
Owner of Mindful Body Center

Being an architect, I appreciate someone with the same eye for design that I have, and Lisa had just that. Joining my father's remodeling business 2 years ago, I stepped up our marketing outreach and the first process we went through was revamping our website. Being a designer myself, Lisa showed extreme patience with me in getting the details of the site exactly how I wanted it, but also helped me see flaws in my layout that she helped to correct. In the remodeling business you need to be able to show people what you can do, and with Lisa's help, we are doing just that.
Christopher Davison, AIA - Realty Restoration

I have a vacation rental property in Wimberley, TX and wanted it to have its own identity and a place people could find it and read about it on the web. Jackaroo is a rustic but lovely place on the Blanco River and Lisa designed, I think, the perfect look! I call it 'cowboy lovely!' She was wonderfully patient as I asked to tweak this little thing and that little thing until we were both satisfied with the result. I love it! In fact, I loved it so much I hired Lisa to do another rental property site located in the Turks and Caicos islands. I can't look at the Limbo Villa site without wishing I were there!
D. Tindal, Owner Jacakroo Ranch in Wimberley, Texas
and Manager of Limbo Villa in the Turks and Caicos

Thank you so much Lisa for the great work that you've done to help create the website for The United Urantia Family Festival. Your have been a true Godsend in that you instantly captured the gist of the message that we wanted to convey to people through our image and logo. The very name of your company Lightshine Design reflects exactly well what you do to your customers in that you let their unique light shine through for the internet world to see. Bravo! And long live your design company.
Diane Labrecque, President of The United Urantia Family

You will find that working with Lisa is a joy. She will provide everything you desired in your site...or something better. You can depend on her to create a site that you will be proud of and that will be a beautiful reflection of your business model or personality. Take a look at a few of her'll see.
Chris Self, Photographer, Owner of Perfectly Natural Photography